Controversy over Padmavati


Starting from the story behind Queen Padmavati

Controversy over Padmavati. Also known as Rani Padmini, she was known as one of the most beautiful women on earth. Later, obviously, a story Controversy over Padmavati drawn in his historical life would lead to arguments. Ratan Singh, Chittor’s ruler of Rajput, married him and brought him to his kingdom. Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khilji heard his beauty and attacked Chittor. All the controversy and disturbance surrounding the Padmawati filming is mainly due to some parts of Rajput and the communities against some of the scenes drawn between the beloved queen Alauddin Khilji.

Deepika Padukone starrer Padmavati, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is surrounded by controversy for so-called portrayal of romance between Allaudin Khilji and Rani Padmavati. Mr. Bhansali was called before the Parliamentary Committee to have his say on the status quo of how has the relationship shown between Allaudin Khilji and Padmavati.

Before catching the fantasies about Chittor’s Padmavati, the intolerant scene is Alauddin Khilji and the dreams he probably harassed. For this reason, Rajput departments and communities were angry. They are very worried that your beloved queen will be described obscenely. In order to show her Controversy over Padmavatilove, this high drama has taken on the responsibility of protesting the film and even threatening the film casting.

The first point without needing to argue against all this would be that even if Padmavati had not been filmed and written in a film, nobody would even know it, also called Rjaputs.Although all of these seem disgusting to our day’s sensitivities, Indian culture does not elaborate this classification Controversy over Padmavati to give a more inexperienced human performance concern. The idea is that the right person finds the right woman not only to taste lust or fertility but also to deliver to a wife, moksha or salvation from the endless cycle of birth and rebirth.

At the same time, there is a four-stage moksha

But if a man picks up Padmini here, it is not necessary to stop here, except to say that he obtained a soft fusion Controversy over Padmavati in a divine place. So, even at the expense of innumerable lives, he follows him with so much self-sacrifice.During the siege Controversy over Padmavati of Kalji, Khalji could come to ignore these subtleties, and he would not seek salvation. What do the advocates of the value of Rajput have to say to Sati and Jauhar, who sometimes try to keep the case? The Basu story is structured so that the reader feels that Padmavati’s movement is right. We feel empathy for women who face bravely flames instead of falling in the hands of strikers. We can not be so understanding with the strategy of Mewar’s license document to buy the golden ten of Sultan 10, nowadays we can question the ways of patriarchs. After all, it’s a story long ago and a different ecosystem than ours. Neither Basu nor Bhansali have such a tradition to be exalted.

In neighboring villages, life would not have been so comfortable or secure for man or animal, but there would have been many escape routes and possibilities to survive by being at least covered or believed by the rulers. At the very least, the women there did not have to die because of a dictatorship written by their own hands or by the patriarch. You should not allow Rajasthan to pass through a life-style that is not a beautiful heritage that has become a heritage hotel and wedding venues, but a collective honor that is accepted as an honorable practice.In the present case, it is not as different as no one can ever get a rejected young man who wants to kill or harm the object he loves. Unfortunately, this is also part of the Indian culture.

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