jessica chastain do not feel very confident
jessica chastain do not feel very confident
Actress Jessica Chastain says she lacks self-confidence and believes that the entertainment industry is a profession.

jessica chastain do not feel very confident. It feel positive about you is difficult. “It ‘s an industry that creates confidence – It’ s something you really have to find inside of you I do not feel very cjessica chastain do not feel very confidentonfident,” Chastain is called a “very uncomfortable girl” and feels she can sometimes be asocial. “Actually, I’m usually a very clumsy girl and a bit timid, and, jessica is not very social and much is going on. I’m talking about gender policy and pay gap, and women do not wonder what they need “She said.

Jessica Chastain can handle your exhausting work program because she is able to “sleep anywhere”.

It is not a trusting industry; Something you should have inside. I do not feel very safe myself, “Chastain calls himself “a very clumsy girl” and thinks it can be unbearable from time to time. “In fact, I’m usually a very clumsy and a little shy girl, and I’m very social and I do not go on too much, I’m talking about gender politics and pay, and women do not ask for what they need,” Jessica said.


40-year-old actress who plays the role of political pressure leader Elizabeth Sloane in thriller ‘Miss Sloane’ and the character is drugged to stay awake so she can work more hours, but Chastain admits she has never resorted to it because Can fall into a deep, restful sleep at a time of notice.jessica chastain do not feel very confident.


Speaking of filming directed by Aaron Sorkin, he told the Metro newspaper, “This is a program I never wanted to drive.” When I signed up for Aaron’s film, “Miss Sloane” did not have a release date. Suddenly everything happens at one time can sleep anywhere This is something I noticed That’s why I’m traveling back and forth for both work I go to sleep fast and sleep very deeply, so I do not even remember when I slept … It’s a deep recharge. ”

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