nicole kidman joined aquaman
nicole kidman joined aquaman

 Performing actress Nicole Kidman, who last showed up in a superhero film in “Batman Forever” (1995)

Nicole kidman joined aquaman Nicole went ahead board for “Aquaman” for the sake of entertainment.

Since “Batman Forever”, Kidman worked in critically acclaimed and content driven films like “Lion”, “Moulin Rouge”, “Eyes Wide Shnicole kidman joined aquaman ut”, “The Hours” and “Australia”.

In “Aquaman”, Kidman will essay actor Jason Momo
a’s mother Queen Atlanna.


“The motivation behind why I adore “Aquaman” is James Wan (chief) is an Australian, and I’ve taken after his vocation since he began. He’s a better than average companion of mine, and he offered to give me a chance to play Ruler Atlanna,”

So it may not be the clearest choice for Kidman to turn into a superhero, but he is about to re-enter those waters; On Friday, EW confirmed that Aquaman’s mother Queen Atlanna would play in Aquamancomics, who is in love with a lone guardian of the sea lane and is the Princess of Atlantis, who gives her title to the leader in her upcoming DC film. director James Wan (Insidious).And there are good reasons to do so.”The reason I like Aquaman is that he allowed me to play that wonderful friend and Queen Atlanna when James Wan is Australian and I’ve been following his career since he started.” “I told you it was over, when you said you could use Nacre and you could be a marine warrior, please, if there’s something I have to do in my life.Nicole kidman joined aquaman.

“When he said I could wear mother-of-pearl and be a mermaid warrior, I said I’m finished. If you don’t mind On the off chance that there is one thing I need to do in my life, I must be that. Since , you must have a fabulous time,” Kidman included.

The 49-year-old will next be found in “The Lobster”, “The Slaughtering of a Consecrated Deer” and “The Flabbergasted”. The motion pictures are slated to be discharged preceding “Aquaman”.

“Aquaman” will release next year in  December.

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