Sudip Panday

Sudip Panday

Sudip Panday found a place in the movies and made a name for his action films. Over the lasudipst six years, he has performed in 35 films including Bhojpuriya Daroga, Masiha Babu, Tangawala, and others.


Sudip Panday was born on 5 May 1978 in Gaya Bihar, India, who is progressing fast in the race with the super stars of Bhojpuri Circuit, has become one of the most sought after leading men, of the outside movies, despite being very busy in his own production house.


He has acted in 36 movies including Bhojpuriya Daroga, Masiha Babu, Mr. Tangawala and more. He anchor for the serial Kahin Ka Haal Baa ‘on Anjan TV and ‘Saat vachan, Saat fere,” in Doordarshan and ‘Bihar Ek Khoj’ on Mahua channel. Bhojpuri film hero Sudip Pandey has made a name with his action scenes.

He giving an exceptional performance to the movies, which have been released so far. He became the hero of the masses for his exciting actions and powerful performances. He is really making rapid progress in the star’s career.After four years of work, his desire to act brought him back to the dream city of Mumbai to turn his dream into reality.

In 2006. For some time, he continued to take care of the situation and look for the “perfect starting point” to reach his destination with dignity.Being a favorite son of God, Sudip Pandey has always been lucky in his life.


Some of the famous movies of Sudip’s are-

Bhojpuriya Bhaiya 2007

Hamar Sangi Bajrangbali 2011



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