Sunny Leone says Choose your words wisely

Sunny Leone to RGV Women’s Day tweet controversy.

Performer Sunny Leone says Choose your words wisely has reacted to movie producer Ram Gopal Varma‘s obnoxious tweet on the Global Women’s Day by saying that individuSunny Leone says Choose your words wiselyals must pick their words shrewdly.

Without naming anybody, Sunny on Thursday night shared a video in which she says: “Hello everybody! I read all the news today and I trust that change just happens when we have one voice, so pick your words shrewdly.”

She tweeted similar words, including: “Peace and love.”

Sunny Leone finally agreed with the debate after filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma published a tweet on International Women’s Day. RGV, famous for its online publications, wrote: “I wish that every woman would give Sunny Leone’s happiness a person.” The director invited many critics from all departments. The poliste even received a complaint against him and stated that the filmin and the Allied Grand National Assembly would not allow him to shoot in Mumbai. Sunny, without mentioning her name, conveyed her views on a small video discussion. “Today I read all the news, I think the change is only taking place when we have only one sese, so choose your words wisely,” says the old adult star.

Discussion emitted when the producer posted a sexist tweet on Wednesday that read, “I wish all ladies on the planet give men as much joy as Sunny Leone gives.” After much furore and an argument against him in Goa, the movie producer issued an expression of remorse.Sunny Leone says Choose your words wisely.

He stated, “I apologize to all who were annoyed because of my unintended coldhearted tweets… My expression of remorse is just to the individuals who really got outraged and not to the individuals who raged for reputation and undermined to take law into their hands.

The movie producer later apologized to “the individuals who really got irritated”.

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